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Press Release: NYC’s homegrown Pop star

Jun 10, 2016 | News | 0 comments


Press release: NYC’s homegrown pop star artist JUSTIN ALEXANDER, has released his brand new music video for “Thing You Do”.  The single from his latest album “Nobody Like Me” was produced by Mansur . The song has quickly become a fan favorite, and is sure to be a hit anthem. This song will soon begin it’s passage to the top of the worldwide music charts.

As he embarks on his journey to superstardom, Justin Alexander is in gear to bring his unrestrained passion for music to the light. His innate gift of sound to the forefront is brought forward in his new music. New York City is considered the land of great musicians.  Justin Alexander believes as a NYC’s homegrown pop star artist, he’s one of the generations emerging stars of the future.


For many of this generation, storytelling included the representation of the way musicians presented their heart and soul. This is true with the way that Justin has produced as well. Justin says, I think as you go along in your career and you evolve as a person and with your music should change as your circumstances change in your life.  Furthermore, I think for the most part, that’s the hardest thing for any artist to accomplish. Speaking for myself, and other successful artist, that sometimes is the problem. Not being under the microscope as someone that may be promoting an album is when things get tough. The question that most ask is should I do the same thing or go in a fresh direction. With a smile on his face, Justin grins and says “that’s the challenge of being a NYC homegrown pop star artist”!

Currently, Justin is working on a new album, which he plans to release soon. The culmination of his hard work arrives in his NYC style, handwork, and technique.“Thing You Do” is available on soundcloud while other tracks can be downloaded through all major online retailers including iTunes, spotify, amazon music, and others. Click here to watch video.