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How to Make it in the Music Industry – Justin Alexand3r’s ep 1

In this brief series of webisodes, Justin Alexander explains tips for music industry success. His tips on making it in the entertainment business and for music industry success has been sought out by many fans. As he embarks on his journey to superstardom, Justin is geared to bring his unbridled passion for music and his innate gift of sound to the forefront. Get ready for NYC’s homegrown Pop star.

See below an excerpt from the sit down interview with the “Wildlife” singer Justin Alexander.

I was born in NYC and grew up in New York City. I started in the entertainment business doing music professionally about five years ago. My whole life I’ve love it and I use to sing to girls I would date. They would always tell me I was good and should pursue as a career. So I was determined that I didn’t want to regret something that I really wanted to do. From that point on, I decided I wanted to go after my dream of becoming an entertainer.

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