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Upcoming music croner Justin Alexand3r gives insight on personal and musical inspirations. As he embarks on his journey to superstardom to music industry success, Justin is geared to bring his unbridled passion for music and his innate gift of sound to the forefront. Get ready for NYC’s homegrown Pop star.

See below an excerpt from the sit down interview with the “Wildlife” singer Justin Alexander.

I got started soon as I broke up with this girl literally the day after. My family had been very supportive of me so the first person I called was my Mother. I said Mom, I want to sing. She said, “you want to do what’? So she said ok, lets find you a vocal coach and see what they think of you before we pursue this. So I went to see this vocal coach and he said I think you have a lot of talent. However, its going to take work and dedication to achieve music industry success. Furthermore you have the look that the entertainment industry looks for when developing artist. Also you have the voice as well but it’s going to be how much you put into it and how hard you work. From that point, that’s all I needed to hear.

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